Spider Web Flowers

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Required Materials     PSP 9+
My Supplies (Optional)
Visual Manipulations' (a.k.a VM or Visman) Spider Web Filter
Font of your choice (Optional)
Any further accents of your choice (Optional)

To keep your place in this tutorial, you can drag the marker below with the mouse as you work.


This simple tutorial will show you how to make very simple flower accents that you can decorate any way you please.

Open a 600 by 600 pixel canvas. I know this is quite a bit bigger than I usually advise, but hang in there. Flood fill with white. Using VM Instant Art, apply these Spider Web settings:

You should see this.

Resize the layer by 75% using Bicubic Resampling. Make sure "Resize All Layers" is not checked:

You should have this:

Apply these kaleidoscope settings:

You should have this:

Set your magic wand to rectangular seletion and select the center.

Use the shortcut command Ctrl+C to copy the "flower" to the clipboard. Open a new image the size of your final graphic (I used 400 by 400 pixels with a transparent background). Paste the flower on your new canvas with the Ctrl+L command.

You can now decorate your flower any way you want. Here's one I did:

My supplies zip above contains a few beads and a puff ball like the one that I used to make the "spider" critter. I don't like spiders, so I got a little creative and made a slightly cuter critter... LOL

The techniques in this tutorial can be adapted to using filters besides Spider Web. The following example was done by flooding the canvas with a gradient, resizing the layer, applying the filter Colour Bit Blast (Andrew's Filters, Set 2) and applying the same kaleidoscope settings. I layered the resulting flowers, rotating some, and stuck a bead at the center.

And here is a tag that I made using the resulting flower.

So let your muse take you away. :)

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