Remembrance Construction Kit Challenge

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Required Materials     PSP 9+
My Supplies Zip
Fonts of your choice
Any further accents of your choice

To keep your place in this tutorial, you can drag the marker below with the mouse as you work.


When I started on the supplies for this, this was going to be a standard tutorial. As I build the base tag and write the tutorial, however, I realized I've covered the techinques that I was using in other tutorials. Honestly... It sounded pretentious. I decided a constuction kit, with links to other relevant tutorials, might be better for everyone.

I have included images for you to work with. These supplies are for your personal, non-profit use only. All supplies were created by me in PSP or Poser (or a combination thereof). First there is the tag template. The template is a "canvas" with alpha channel selections. The accents the kit includes: a bow, a fastener, two metallic hearts, a paper clip, a safety pin, a torn piece of paper with a quote, a metallic divider bar, a metallic swirl, a string, and a heading that says remembrance. There are also eight fabric or paper tiles. And finally, I've provided you with the toon butterfly images I used on the example. If you don't like the toon butterfly images, you don't have to use them. I'm providing them so you have safe images to work with. If you don't like the images or them, don't use them, use your own images instead. Simple as that. Please remember my kits and tutorials are meant to be "jumping off points" for your learning and enjoyment. :)

Let's look in the kit:

I should note here that the template is a bit larger than a canvas than I usually provide. When I'm doing interlacing effects (like strings running through things), I like a bit more room. You can always resize the canvas to meet your needs after you've finished building your tag.

The accents and tiles:

These construction challenges are best suited to a working knowledge of layers. If you need help with them, please click here.

If you need help using selections so that you can use the tag template, try these tuts:

Country Winter Bear
Sleepy Winter Bear
Sweet Spook
Window Seat

If you need help with the "interlacing" effect for things like paper clips, safety pins, and strings, try these:

Aged Music Mosaic
Bedazzled Pendant Lettering
Punched Letter Strings

Remember to have fun, save often and let your imagination take flight. When you're done, save a layered PSP file, export a .jpg or .gif, and enjoy your tag.

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