Framed Parrot

Diamonds & Squares Framed Collage

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Required Materials
One photo of your choice
My Preset Shape Frame
Flaming Pear's Primus Free or Super Blade Pro Shareware

To keep your place in this tutorial, you can drag the marker below with the mouse as you work.


You can either make a scrapbook layout or a sigtag using this method. I'm going to do the latter.

Special thanks go out to Eagle, who took amazing photos at the Rose parade. Since she's given permission to members of The Place and Virtual University students to use them, I'm borrowing the pretty parrot! ;)

Open a new transparent image. Size and resolution will depend on whether you're going to build a layout or a tag. Since I'm making a tag, I'll use 300 x 300 pixels, with a resolution of 72.000.

Since mine will be primarily used on a message board, I'm going to want a white background. I'm going to flood fill the layer white and rename the layer Background.

Select the preset shape tool. Choose my preset shape so it shows in the drop box. With Retail Style, Create As Vector, and Antialias all checked draw a frame and center it on the canvas. When you're happy with it, right-click on the vector layer and choose Convert to Raster Layer as shown. Rename your shape layer Frame.

Draw Frame, convert to raster

Your layer palette should now look like this.


Add a new raster layer named Diamond below the Frame layer. Go back to the Frame layer and use the magic wand to select the four corners of the diamond.

Select diamond corners

Choose Expand from the Selections Menu and enter 1 into the box and click OK.


Do not deselect. Minimize your frame image for a minute. Open the photo you want to use and use Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard. Note: If the photo you're using is very large, you might want to resize it so that a bit so it's somewhat in proportion to your frame. You don't want your pasted selections to look distorted.

Go back to your frame and make sure you're on the Diamond layer. Use Ctrl+Shift+L to paste your image into the selection. To make this portion appear to be "muted" as I've done on my example tag, move the opacity slider downward. I set mine at 50. Ctrl+D to deselect.

Paste into Diamond

Add a new raster layer below frame called Center Square. Use the magic wand and select the center square. Using the same steps, paste your picture into the selection. You should have something that resembles this.

Paste center square

Add a new raster layer named Square Upper Left. Use the magic wand to select the outside portion of the diamond as shown.

Select portion, upper left diamond

Expand the selection by one pixel. Minimize your frame. Use the selection tool to select the portion of the photo you would like to use in the upper left position.

Select portion

Use Ctrl+C to copy the portion to the clipboard. Go back to your framed image. Make sure you're on the Square Upper Left layer and use CtrlShift+L to paste it into the selection. If you deselect, you should have something like this.

Paste into selection

Continue on in this manner until you've filled in the remaining, corresponding areas and meet me on the next page.


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