Kaleidoscope Accents

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Required Materials     PSP 9+
A tube of your choice
Font of your choice
Any further accents of your choice

To keep your place in this tutorial, you can drag the marker below with the mouse as you work.


This is a simple tutorial. It will show you how to use the built-in kaleidoscope tool to make two different background accents.

Open your tube. Use the eye dropper to set your foreground and background colors to complimentary colors that coordinate with your tube. Then, set your foreground gradient fill option to the following settings:

Open a new image with a transparent background. I used 400 x 400 pixels. A square canvas works best for this. Flood the image with your gradient.

Go to the Effect Menu. Choose Texture Effects --> Tiles. Apply the following settings to your gradient layer:

Resize your tiled gradient layer using "Bicubic" resampling mode to 80% of it's original size as shown. Make sure "Resize all layers" is not checked:

For the first type of "rounded" accent, do the following: Go to the Effect Menu. Choose Reflection Effects --> Kaleidoscope. Use these settings:

If you like the rounded petal look you're done.

For the second "sharper" accent, repeat the same Kaleidoscope effect on your working layer. You'll now have something like this:

Continue building your tag as desired. For the second "shaper" accent tag that I built, I duplicated the accent, rotated the bottom one to the right 15 degrees, and turned down the opacity. I then duplicated that layer moved the duplicate up and to the left, and applied the Ommadawn filter.

Have fun with this quick and easy accent technique. Try adjusting the settings and combining it with other effects.

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