Flower Frame

Flower Frame Photo Collage

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Required Materials     PSP 7+
My Preset Shape Frame
Photo(s) of your choice

To keep your place in this tutorial, you can drag the marker below with the mouse as you work.


This tutorial is not going to be a step-by-step guide because creating an image like the page header uses the same methods as my Diamonds & Squares Framed Collage tutorial. If you haven't completed that tutorial, please start there.

Like the other tutorial, this frame can be used either as a sigtag or or digital scrapbooking element. Additionally, you can use one photo and choose selected areas of the same photo for each spot in the frame or you can use six completely different photos. If you're working with very large photos, you may want to resize them so they're somewhat porportionate to the size of your frame to decrease distortions in your framed selections.

Start by opening a transparent canvas in PSP. Set your stroke and fill to your desired color, gradient, or pattern. With Create As Vector and Anti-alias checked, draw a flower frame on your canvas. When you're happy with your frame size and position, right-click on the vector layer and choose Convert to Raster. Apply any effects/filters, such as: Bevels, Eye Candy Glass Effects, Super Blade Pro presets, ect.

While on your frame layer, use the magic wand to select the flower center. Choose Expand from the selections menu. Expand the selection by 1 or 2 pixels. Add new raster layer named Center below your frame layer.

Minimize your frame layer and use Ctrl+C to copy your first photo element to the clipboard. Restore your frame layer and make sure you're on the Center layer. Use Ctrl+Shift+L paste the image into the selection. Ctrl+D to deselect.

Continue making selections, adding layers, copying your photos, and pasting until you've filled in all six photo spots. Add any embellishments. You should have layers that looks something like this:


Save a copy of your work as a psp file and then export it as a gif, jpg, ect.

That's it, I hope you enjoyed working with my preset flower frame! :)

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