Users' Agreement

If you view or download the items offered by ReadingDragon's Lair (ReadingDragon Creations) you agree to the following.

This agreement covers all downloadable or printable items found within ReadingDragon's Creations at ReadingDragon's Lair. Including, but not limited to: PSP tutorials, PSP Tubes, SBP Presets, Glitter and Pattern fills, web backgrounds and web sets, ect.

1. All original supplies created by me are for personal, non-commercial use only. This even applies to tutorials using selection files. The resulting image is for personal use only. Vector tutorial results, on the other hand, are yours to do for any purpose if you do the vector work yourself* so long as your image isn't exactly like mine. I own the copyright to the original image and your results are a derivative work. The exception to vector tutorial results being your own, would of course be if I supplied "raw vector" files, i.e. a preset shape that you work with. Then, the results results are for personal, non-commercial use only. Examples of this exception would be my Diamonds & Squares Photo Collage Frame and my Flower Frame Photo Collage Frame. Since you have not done the vector work yourself, you may only use these for personal use!

2. You agree not to redistribute them in any manner at any time. This includes: by e-mail (including by AOL, Yahoo Groups, or other mailing list), via another web site, a disk/disc collection (regardless of whether it's freeware or commercial), ect. This also includes direct or deep hyperlinks to individual images, zip files, or other media. You may not script my tutorials in PSP 8 and above and distribute the scripts. This agreement will still withstand even in the event that such downloadable materials are not longer available at ReadingDragon's Lair.

3. You will not rename or otherwise alter the materials or material components and use or claim them as your own.

4. If you wish to tell people about ReadingDragon's Lair/ReadingDragon's Creations you will do so only by text link to the web site entrance only (see below).

5. Please provide credit where credit is due. If you use one of ReadingDragon's Creations, provide brief statement and a link on that page to Not only is it simple to do, but it's also the courteous thing to do.

5. ReadingDragon/ReadingDragon's Lair reserves to change these terms and conditions at anytime. It is the end users' responsibility to be aware check the status of said terms and conditions. Furthermore, ReadingDragon/ReadingDragon's Lair also reserve the right to remove any or all content without notice at any time.

Thank you.


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