1.       How often do you add new tutorials?

It really depends on what's going on in my life. I try add a couple a month at least. I almost always have a couple that are various stages of development. You can check the update blog to see recent changes here at the lair.

2.       Where can I get a tube of the paint brush used in the Masks & Selections tutorial?

I made that image from the paint brush tutorial at Baby's Breath Graphic Treausures. Sorry, I do not currently offer this image for download. Give the tutorial a try though, you'll be presently surprised at what you can come up with! ;)

Comment on 05/05/06: Unfortunately, Baby's Breath Graphic Treasures has disappeared. That's shame, they had some really interesting vector tutorials. Maybe they'll resurface again one day.

3.       Why don't you have more selectons and/or vector tutorials?

I add tutorials as I try new things and as new ideas flow. I do plan on doing more of each in the future. I work rather hard at adding new content to the site. Keep checking back--the calendar will help you find the new content.

4.       What's with the focus on keyboard shortcuts in some of your tutorials? Why don't you     want people that are doing your tutorials to use the menus?

Shortcuts are faster and easier. I've started to use shortcuts to teach visitors about them. It also helps visitors learn more about PSP's functionality. Furthermore, the shortcuts cut down on repetive screenshots, which results in a shorter, more concise tutorial. All-in-all, keyboard shortcuts are a good thing and it doesn't hurt anyone to learn them. If you feel more comfortable using the menus for commands, you're welcome to do so.

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