About ReadingDragon

I honestly don't know why anyone would want to read this, but I've had the inactive link for this up forever. I figured it's about time to get it done or take the link down. :lol:

I've been online for around seven years. Believe it or not, I was pretty much functionally computer illiterate until then. Almost everything thing I've learned has been learned "the hard way" (read self-taught).

Let's see... I love books, especially fantasy and horror. I like to listen to music, hard rock/metal (just as long as it's not nu metal) is my favorite, but I like quite a bit of other stuff, too. I love to get lost in Paint Shop Pro. I'm a font junkie. I've gotten back into playing video games after a few years of not touching them.

Well, that's about it! I don't want to bore you. ::lol::

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